Our Home

About the Move

Prior to CCTC’s relocation to 1080 N Delaware Ave, the agency’s caseloads had grown by 60%, while our space had increased by less than 20%.  Our new facility enables families to receive the integrated services we offer in a space that befits the quality of our care.  Our state-of-the-art services do not depend on costly equipment, but they do require a safe building with properly designed offices, consultation rooms, and therapy spaces.

Our new headquarters enables us to:

  • Provide better care to more children and families.
  • Expand, enhance, and integrate programs.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and increase staff communication.
  • Provide a facility that is consistent with our high-quality of care.

Most importantly, our new building will better position CCTC to help generations of children reach their full potential within their homes, schools, and community and in turn, contribute to the future of the Philadelphia region.

A Safe Space

CCTC believes that a warm and welcoming physical space is integral to providing a safe emotional space for the children and families we serve. Our approach to interior design has taken this into account. Adorned with bright colors, positive messages, and interpretive artwork, our facilities are meant to mirror the sense of hope and healing we seek to inspire in the children we work with.

The spacious Welcome Center at 1080 N Delaware introduces CCTC as a place of safety and warmth.  The bright space and play nook create an inviting environment that communicates a positive first impression to children and families. CCTC’s new headquarters has enabled the Weiss Family Therapeutic Nursery, which serves pre-school aged kids between the ages of 2 to 5, to expand from three to five classrooms. The new design eliminates congestion, optimizes space and creativity and enhances the healing environment.

As we begin our expansion into Montgomery County, and continue to facilitate programs at other sites around the city, we plan to use the same approach to ensure that the spaces we occupy represent our identity as an organization.