The Sanctuary® Model is a clinical and organizational ethos which promotes safety and recovery through the active creation of a trauma-informed community. CCTC adopted the Sanctuary® Model in 2006, formalizing our status as a trauma-informed agency.

Trauma theory suggests that many of the behavioral symptoms we see in individuals are a direct result of coping with adverse experiences. In order to intervene effectively, we must move from a position of blame to one of understanding; Sanctuary® seeks to change the central question from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What’s happened to you?”

Recognizing that trauma is a pervasive human experience, the Sanctuary® Model focuses not only on the people who seek services, but on the people and systems providing those services. Just as human beings are susceptible to adversity, organizations themselves are equally vulnerable. Since implementing Sanctuary®, CCTC has seen improved outcomes for the children and families we serve, improved staff retention and improved staff satisfaction. The tools of the Sanctuary® Model have enabled CCTC to create a safe environment for our children and families and the staff that care for them. The model informs our internal operations and provides a language within which our staff can communicate and support one another.

For more information about the Sanctuary® Model, please visit the Sanctuary® Institute website.