We Stand Together

Dear Friends,

It is difficult to find words to express my thoughts and feelings regarding what is happening in our city and across our nation. Historical trauma, social injustice, structural racism, explicit incidents of racially-motivated violence and brutality, and a worldwide pandemic that has disproportionately affected people of color have culminated to create the civil unrest we are witnessing and experiencing. Emotions are raw. Loss is palpable. None of this is experienced more greatly than in our Black communities.

I understand that our sense of social, emotional, moral, psychological and physical safety is being challenged within our CCTC community. I reflect on the fact that we experience this turmoil through the lens of our own cultural and personal experiences. It is through these lenses that we realize that as a nation the social contracts between our diverse communities have long been broken and must be both grieved and repaired.

At CCTC we stand in solidarity with the families and communities who have lost loved ones senselessly to systemic racism here in Philadelphia and across the country. We stand with the Black community who endures the ongoing trauma of this public health crisis every day, in all facets of life. We stand with the children — our children, who are impacted in real and fundamental ways by racism starting from before they are born. Their future depends on our next steps and our nation’s ability to do the essential work of dismantling our long history of structural racism and inequity.

CCTC’s collective trauma-informed perspective helps us to not only better understand what is happening around us but also serves as a catalyst to support each other and have hope for the future. During this complex and uncertain time, I am reassured by our organizational mission and vision that places us at the forefront of what needs to be done to build a better future. As an organization, CCTC embraces diversity and a shared commitment to work toward social justice. We are a community of healers and will continue to support each other, our families and our communities through this unprecedented time and to create opportunities for change. I am so thankful to work among such a diverse group of people who are incredibly dedicated to building brighter and safer futures for our children and their families.

Tony Valdés
Chief Executive Officer
Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
-Martin Luther King Jr