CCTC provides high-quality mental and behavioral health services to children and their families in a safe, supportive and respectful environment. Our interventions are grounded in current research and have proven effective since we began in 1971. From our first program, now known as our Therapeutic Nursery, we have expanded exponentially, and currently provide services to over 3,000 children and their families annually.

We now offer 20 different programs at our center, in schools, in the community, and soon in Montgomery County.

At Our Center

Our center-based programs provide children and their families with the tools and unwavering support they need to address and cope with the obstacles they face. We combine direct child and family intervention with long term support plans that take into account the unique strengths and challenges of each family we serve in a setting that inspires confidence and strength.

Contact: Ismael Alvarez, Division Director of Center-Based Services
Referral Line: 215.496.0584

Therapeutic Nursery
Outpatient Department
Trauma Assistance Program and Sexual Trauma Treatment Program (TAP/STTP)
Filial Parenting Program
Parent/Caregiver Workshops
The Cornerstone Center
Behavioral & Physical Health Integration Program



In The Community

CCTC’s Community-Based Services aim to help children and their families achieve success with the natural resources that are available within their communities. CCTC’s interdisciplinary behavioral health services, care coordination services, intensive family support and summer camp programs create opportunities for children and families to achieve long-term success.

Our work requires a high level of cultural competence and a willingness to let our clients unique social and cultural perspectives direct our care. CCTC collaborates with local resources and service providers to strengthen the communities we serve.

Contact: Edith Lopez, Director of Community Based Services
Referral Line: 215.496.0584

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)
Blended Case Management
Summer Therapeutic Enrichment Program (STEP)
Family-Based Program
Abriendo Caminos

In Schools

CCTC’s School-Based Services help children reach their academic and social potential in school settings through comprehensive behavioral health services within schools throughout Philadelphia. CCTC believes that a truly successful educational environment is one that goes beyond academic instruction. Our school-based programs provide students with the emotional support they need to learn and grow. Services include individual therapy, and collaboration with caregivers and school staff to address behavioral concerns both in and out of the classroom

Contact: Nary P. Kith, Division Director of School-Based Services
Referral Line: 215.496.0584

Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS)
School-Based Partnership Program

In Montgomery County

A need has been in identified in Montgomery County for expanded and enhanced trauma-informed and trauma-focused treatment for children and their families. In response, CCTC expanded four programs: Trauma Services, Family Based Services, Outpatient Services, and Blended Case Management.

Contact: Kristen A. Caprara. Psy.D., Division Director of Montgomery County Services