The Caring Families of CCTC is a family advisory group made up of parents and caregivers of current and former clients.

The purpose of the Caring Families is to improve parent/caregiver engagement and retention in CCTC’s services, and to help direct the agency on how we could be better serving families.

The members help identify barriers to access and engagement and propose ways to break down these barriers. The group currently has 10 members and meets on a bi-monthly basis to discuss progress on goals and initiatives. Over the past three years Caring Families members have implemented initiatives to improve parental experiences with CCTC.  Caring Families members volunteer at CCTC events and display dedication to the agency and the children and families we serve. In fact, two members of Caring Families members now sit on CCTC’s Quality Management Team, and are involved in the inner-workings of the agency.

Caring Families’ most recent initiative is to create a more defined literacy corner in the agency’s lobby to promote literacy, encourage parents and children to read with one another and to create structure during high traffic times.