You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup! Tips for Taking Care of Yourself While Still Caring for Others Register

Date and Time
January 23, 2024
12 P.M.
Via Zoom

We’ve all heard from variation of a message like, “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” or “Put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others,” but what does that mean for YOU? How can you find ways to take care of yourself while still showing up for others the way you want to? Steph will discuss the importance of meeting your own needs and how doing so will help you be more present for those who rely on you, as well as some small ways to incorporate genuine self-care into your life.

Presented by Stephanie Harmelin, LSW, Parent/Caregiver Services Coordinator

THIS WORKSHOP IS FREE and available to everyone, although pre-registration is required. Most CCTC workshops can be used for one hour of Parenting Education credits.

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