Ileana Helwig
Chief Operating Officer

Ileana Helwig has been the Chief Operating Officer at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC) since 2010 and with the agency since 1997. Ileana was born and raised in Puerto Rico and came to Philadelphia to attend college at Temple University. She received her Master’s in Human Services-Psychology from La Salle University.

Previous to joining CCTC, Ileana was the first Bilingual/Bicultural Intensive Case Manager in the city of Philadelphia at COMHAR, Inc. and then moved to the Child Psychiatry Center where she oversaw three of their children’s program. After years of working in behavioral health services, she came to CCTC and joined the agency’s management team where she built the Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) department. Ileana led the creation of CCTC’s Targeted Case Management, Family-Based, Summer Therapeutic Enrichment Program and all of CCTC’s School-Based programs. During her tenure, the agency’s organizational budget has grown from $1.5 million to $26 million and the number of programs CCTC provides has increased from 4 to 16 programs and expanded its services to Montgomery County.

Ileana’s early career was defined by her work as a bilingual case manager in North Philadelphia, which has given character to her role as an advocate for the people she serves. She has represented CCTC in the children’s services community such as the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Commission’s Vulnerable Children Committee and various Children’s Behavioral Health System committees.

Ileana’s volunteer initiatives are in line with her passion to help others who are in need. Ileana has volunteered as a medical translator in 2011 for the Medical Ministry International in Peru and in 2017 worked with PA for Puerto Rico helping with bare necessities distribution in the island, after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. She currently served on the Board of Directors of Taller Puertorriqueño 11 years and was voted one of Impacto’s Most Influential Latinos in 2011 and Al Dia Women of Merit in 2021.

Ileana currently resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband Todd and two daughters Briana and Tatiana. Ileana is a ruptured brain aneurysm survivor.


    Served on the Board of Directors of Taller Puertorriqueño for 11 years
    Voted one of Impacto’s Most Influential Latinos in 2011
    Al Dia Women of Merit in 2021