Outpatient Department

CCTC’s Outpatient Department provides assessment and therapy at our center to children and families with emotional and behavioral health challenges. Like all CCTC programs, the Outpatient staff facilitates resiliency using strengths-based, trauma-informed best practices.

The Outpatient Department offers a range of clinical services, eco-systemic structural family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, play therapy, and attachment therapy. Upon entering the program, the child, clinician and family collaborate to create a treatment plan that addresses the child’s behavioral challenges. Together, the child, parent/caregiver and therapist explore the roots of these challenges and work on developing ways for the child to manage their symptoms. The program staff works one on one with parents and caregivers when necessary to help them understand and cope with their child’s behavioral challenges. The Outpatient Department also strives to provide services to all children and families in need including undocumented families.



Working with the clinicians in CCTC’s Outpatient Department allows children and families to recover and grow at their own pace and without judgment. Through Outpatient Care, the child can expect to learn productive and positive ways to manage their behavior, understand their emotions, and communicate effectively in their home, school and community.


CCTC’s Psychiatry services are provided to children and families as clinically necessary and in conjunction with other clinical levels of care services provided at CCTC.  Our team of child board-certified psychiatrists provide comprehensive Biopsychosocial Evaluations and medication management in coordination with their care team and the child’s parent/caregiver.



Contact: Jessica Barmash, Outpatient Director
Email: Jessica.Barmash@cctckids.org

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