Parent/Caregiver Services

CCTC’s Filial Parenting Program works to strengthen a parent/caregiver’s relationship with their child using play, the natural language of children.

This program combines aspects of Filial Therapy, the Incredible Years Program and the Sanctuary Model. The Filial Parenting Program is based on a research-supported model that emphasizes the parent-child relationship as a means of alleviating child and family difficulties. Through this model, parents/caregivers learn to be more aware of their children developmentally, emotionally, and relationally. The Incredible Years parent training intervention is a series of evidenced-based programs focused on strengthening parenting competencies and fostering parents’ involvement in their children’s activities in order to promote children’s behavioral and emotional well-being.

The program focuses on play as the primary way that children learn and communicate. Children respond positively to the play sessions and often ask their parent for their special play time at home. The parents enjoy the group as well, and many form lasting, supportive relationships with other parents in the program.

CCTC hosts three 14 week cycles per year in the Fall, Winter and Spring. At least one cycle is held in a community location and is presented in Spanish. The Filial Parenting program is open to CCTC and non-CCTC caregivers.

Parent/Caregiver Workshops

CCTC’s Parent/Caregiver workshops focus on providing education and support to parents and caregivers on a range of relevant topics related to parenting, child development, children’s mental health diagnoses and children’s behavioral health challenges. Workshops are 2 hours long and held monthly at our 1080 N. Delaware Avenue location. Workshops are open to CCTC and non-CCTC caregivers. Workshops include presentation of verbal and printed materials and an opportunity for participants to ask questions and share their experiences.

Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE) Program

CARE is a group model used to help develop positive parenting skills to assist caregivers of children with disruptive behavior or experiences of trauma in improving adult-child relationships.

Multiple Family Groups

The 4 Rs and 2 Ss for Strengthening Families is a multiple family group (MFG) model that integrates common elements of evidence-informed treatments for children’s behavior difficulties into a coordinated set of practices that focus on strengthening families. Family involvement is a key aspect of this MFG and group sessions provide time for families to practice togetherness and communication. The group curriculum covers the 4 Rs (Rules, Responsibility, Relationships, and Respectful Communication) and 2 Ss (Stress, Social Support) which are the building blocks of the MFG intervention.

Contact: Belinda Patrone, Parent/Caregiver Services Manager

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt