Blended Case Management

CCTC’s Blended Case Management Program assigns Care Coordinators to work intensively with families. Blended Case Management works within the home and connects families to resources within their community, but Blended Case services are delivered by the Care Coordinator, who takes on a more intensive role in the family’s day to day life. Blended Case Management also strives to provide services to all children and families in need including undocumented families.

Many families who receive Blended Case Management services are also receiving clinical services either through another CCTC program or through a different provider. BCM seeks to address the many factors that contribute to a child’s mental and behavioral well-being, and provides a wide range of social service supports, resources, and interventions. The program provides a stable resource, available to assist the family as challenges arise both day to day and long term, and connect the family with any and all resources they may need.

The Blended Case Management program works with the family to identify barriers within the home that are preventing the child from reaching their full potential. The goal of Blended Case Management is to increase the family’s ability to identify and utilize natural supports available to them and begin to use these resources to create a healthy home environment that is conducive to healing and emotional well-being.

Contact: Nairann Merceir, BCM Team Leader