CCTC’s Tamaa* program provides caregiver education and support for West African families. The program includes home, community and school based behavioral health services to help children and families heal from traumatic events as well as Parent/Caregiver Services to support families as they adjust to a new culture and help them to thrive in their Philadelphia communities. The program is designed specifically to treat primary and secondary war-related traumatic events.

The Tamaa program takes a multi-dimensional approach, working not only with individuals and families, but also focusing on community building in immigrant neighborhoods. Tamaa currently is the only program in Philadelphia that provides behavioral health services tailored to African immigrants.

As part of the prevention and support aspect of the Tamaa program, parent/caregiver support groups take place bi-weekly. Participants talk about challenges they face regarding acculturation and differences between the US and their home country. Parents and caregivers also have the opportunity to speak about traumatic experiences they may have had during their country’s civil war. Speakers from a variety of different social, mental health and medical services come to discuss various topics with parents and caregivers.

*Tamaa is a Swahili word meaning “hopeful, smiling faces.”

Contact: Alondra Garza, Team Leader
Email: Alondra.Garza@cctckids.org