Abriendo Caminos

CCTC’s Abriendo Caminos program supports families living in the Philadelphia area who have recently emigrated from Mexico or Central America, and who are struggling with behavioral health challenges and associated acculturation. The program connects families to valuable physical and behavioral health, social service and community resources. The program provides direct services to children ages 3 through 18 who display serious emotional and behavioral challenges.

CCTC’s Abriendo Caminos program provides behavioral health services that are tailored to the Mexican and Central American community and meant to address the challenges that arise from recent emigration. Much of the staff is comprised of members of the community, who have experience in social service work and are familiar with Mexican culture.

Abriendo Caminos has created strong relationships with community resources, leaders in the community and an alliance with the Mexican Consulate. We partner with various programs and events that target the Mexican and Central American population to reach new community members. Abriendo Caminos has been able to provide support to children with extensive behavioral and mental health needs that otherwise would go unaddressed due to lack of access to services.

Contact: Alondra Garza, Team Leader
Email: Alondra.Garza@cctckids.org